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Generative AI Overview for Project Managers

“Generative AI can lead to Happy Project Managers!” 😇

That’s the exciting message from the newly launched micro-credential course, ‘Generative AI Overview for Project Managers’ from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Intrigued by the buzz surrounding it in the last few days from my LinkedIn connections, I took this course to explore its potential.

In a nutshell, this course covers:
1️⃣ What generative AI is all about
2️⃣ How it can benefit project managers and their teams
3️⃣ The potential risks and considerations
4️⃣ Various project management tasks with real-world prompts and AI-driven responses
5️⃣ A comprehensive list of GenAI tools and plugins for different project phases

You can refer to the below mindmap that I created for easy reference.

What stood out to me the most about this course? 💡
📑 It provides a handy list of AI tools to use in various project stages. It’s a valuable resource for anyone eager to jump-start.
💲 Moreover, it’s Free! Available at $0 for now, and you get 5 Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Would I recommend it? ✅
Yes! Especially if you’re a project manager new to GenAI and keen on harnessing AI’s potential in your projects.

🔗You can check this course at pmi.org. Happy Learning! 🚀

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