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Supercharge your designs with Dall-E.3

Are you struggling to find the right vector images (or) reusing the same old ones repeatedly in your presentations? 🤔
I certainly have but not anymore…

Dall-E.3 🤖 is now changing the ways of graphic design, making it easier than ever to create custom vector graphics! No more spending hours searching for the perfect image or worrying about copyright restrictions. 🎨

Check out some of the prompts I’ve tested and the incredible vector images generated by AI. 😎

Flat illustration of a man standing in front of a screen, presenting to his team on AI, minimal, with abstract plants in the background, gradient
Flat illustration of an office worker standing in front of a dashboard with charts, rouge, gradient
Flat illustration showcasing a corporate meeting set up with men and women, integrating design elements like geometric shapes, patterns and tools, capturing teamwork, vibrant colors
Flat illustration showcasing a corporate meeting setup, integrating Memphis design elements like geometric shapes and patterns, capturing the essence of modern business dynamics

If you haven’t tried it yet, Microsoft Bing is offering 100 free credits (that’s approximately 400 images) for you to experience their Image Creator powered by Dall-E.3 at https://lnkd.in/eX-RD6d8

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