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What to talk about in your 1:1’s? (Performance Appraisal)

Performance appraisals are tricky. I came across this nice article (#zine) from Julia Evans summarizing the list of things that you would need to discuss in your 1:1’s (performance appraisal) to make it effective. It is a very useful list that you can take along for almost all your discussions either it be your performance appraisal or weekly checkpoints with your managers. I wanted to capture this here to spread this to a larger group and for future reference.

I grouped them into three groups for you, (1) You share your details and provide updates (2) Ask for details that need (3) Work collaboratively to layout the future plan.

📤 Update
1️⃣ What’s been going well for you?
2️⃣ What’s not going well for you?
3️⃣ Provide feedback

🙋🏼‍♂️ Ask
1️⃣ What are the team priorities?
2️⃣ Ask for opportunities
3️⃣ Ask for feedback
4️⃣ Ask for resources

🤝 Collaborate
1️⃣ Career planning
2️⃣ Brainstorm

Follow Julia Evans on Twitter https://twitter.com/b0rk and visit https://wizardzines.com for more like this.

Performance Appraisal - Things to Discuss

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