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Earn your Postman API Tester Badge

Postman is one of those essential tools in every API developer and tester’s arsenal. It is widely used and loved by everyone due to its simplicity and abundance of features. Often, when you will have to quickly test a RESTful service or build a collection of requests and responses, Postman is the preferred choice of many. If you haven’t tried it yet, please try it from here today.

As part of the Postman training, they now provide a whole bunch of training documentation, step-by-step tutorials, exercises to get used to the tool and eventually gaining a better understanding of RESTful web services as well. You can choose from one of these available training –

  1. APIs 101 Training
  2. API Adoption Training
  3. Testing and Automation Training
  4. API First Training

I took the “Testing and Automation Training” recently and was pretty about the topics covered and the detailed explanation provided for each tutorial. Though the assignments were simple, they were practical enough to test the basics of API testing. If you are a beginner in API testing, this training provides all you need to jump-start your learning. You also earn the “Postman API Tester” badge when you successfully complete and submit your test collection.

Postman API Tester Badge

The Postman API Tester badge recognizes the recipient’s ability to leverage Postman API test and automation workflows in their development and deployment pipeline.

The following will be some of the key learnings from this training –

  • Understanding GET & POST Requests and Responses
  • Parsing and Validating JSON responses
  • Creating Tests and Inserting Assertions (chai.js)
  • Setting up Test Suites, and Daisy chaining requests
  • Data Driven testing, passing data dynamically from one request to another
  • Working with Global variables – Setting and Getting variables in run time
  • Control the execution flow via scripting
  • Catch Exceptions and optimize your tests
  • Run collections using collection runner / Newman
  • Setting monitors to auto-schedule your collection
  • Review test results

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I hope you will enjoy it too. Happy learning!

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